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Growing With Grace Series

Our Growing With Grace Series promotes the understanding that children with all types of abilities can gain the skills they need for self-determination.

Finding My Way Books honor children with 

 disabilities by sharing their stories.

Supporting students, teachers, and families by promoting inclusive practices in education and encouraging the development of skills needed for self-determination

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Finding My Way Series

OurFinding My Way Series promotes the respectful and intentional inclusion of children with disabilities.

Learning My Way Series

Our Learning My Way Series promotes inclusive practice in education through books that are accessible for all children.

Our Story

We are so excited to share this video of 'Marco and I Want To Play Ball' being read through sign language by Lizzie, a middle school student from the Tennessee School for the Deaf.  Jo met Lizzie and her classmates on a Skype In The Classroom visit earlier this fall. Their school counselor arranged the visit and translated a discussion about bullying lead by Jo.  In this book, Marco and Isiah show how you can tease without bullying, so this story helps prompt this type of discussion.

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Finding My Way Books has partneredwith Community Resources Council, a 90+ year old Not-for-Profit agency which is an IRA 501(c)3 exempt organization in good standing. 

Finding My World Series

Our Finding My World Series promotes the respectful and intentional inclusion of children around the world with disabilities.

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"Stories are magic"
"Stories are magic. Good stories change lives and cultures. Finding My Way Books are spectacular story resources that feature youth and adults living inclusive lives. Beautifully illustrated with photographs and delightfully presented for kids and adults alike. The teaching guides are thoughtful and doable. A great resource for every family and classroom."

Jack Pearpoint, Inclusion Press; Marsha Forest Centre