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We celebrate Claire and Vivian’s story!

Claire is ten years old and full of life! She loves singing, dancing, swimming, skating, and tumbling.  Claire was born with a facial difference.  Occasionally she has to explain her looks to others, but she doesn’t let this limit her in any way.  She is very determined to live her life to the fullest.

Vivian is differently sight-abled and has a Seeing Eye dog, Catcher. She helped write Claire’s story by contributing her perspective as a teacher and mentor. She wanted Claire to learn the value of paying attention because playing attention strengthens abilities.

Vivian spends a lot of time paying attention to what she is doing. It took her two years to understand her body sensations when she is boxing.  She had to learn the placement of her hand and the timing of when to touch the bag. When she is shadow boxing, she pays attention to the distance between her feet and the sound of her movements.  Vivian is always modifying her workout routine based on her changing sensations. This takes time and attention.

Catcher, Vivian’s dog, also teaches Claire the importance of paying attention.  When he is wearing his harness and working, he must pay attention so Vivian can avoid obstacles as she walks.  It is his job to protect Vivian and he works very hard. Vivian and Catcher are wonderful role models demonstrating self-determination.

We are delighted to share their story,

Jo, Vera and Mary

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Claire sait que sa mère et les autres femmes du Club de boxe féminin de Toronto ont des noms de boxe vraiment géniaux. L’une d’entre elles se nomme L’Effaceuse, une autre La Broyeuse. Recevoir un nom de boxe est un grand honneur. Est-ce que Claire réussira à prouver à son entraîneuse qu’elle mérite, elle aussi, un nom de boxe?

Claire Wants a Boxing Name

Claire veut un nom de boxe

Claire knows that her mom and other women at the Toronto Girls Boxing Club have really cool boxing names. They have names like Slice n' Dice and Eraser.  Getting a boxing name is a big honor. Can Claire show her coach she's earned a special boxing name? 

Finding My Way Books honor children with disabilities by sharing their stories. Claire has a facial difference and her boxing coach, Vivian, is blind with a Seeing Eye dog.