Finding My Way Series

Our Finding My WaySeries promotes the respectful and intentional inclusion of children with disabilities.

OE is counting down the days until Friday. It’s her favorite day of the week.  Each day she has fun, but she knows she will have fabulous fun on Friday. She can’t wait for her special time with Dad and her coach, Austin.

OE and Austin both have cerebral palsy and use communication devices. 

Playing the drum is so much fun. Waylen could do that all day long. But learning to be in a drumline is different. How will Waylen learn to drum with his line? What happens when Waylen is jamming?

Waylen has autism.

Waylen Wants to Jam

 I Don’t Know If I Want a Puppy
It seems like all boys want a puppy. But not Ethan! He’s happy playing with his cars. His older brothers have a different idea. They talk Mom and Dad into getting them a puppy.  It’s a good thing that Ethan is around when they discover their idea didn’t work out the way they thought it would.

Ethan has speech/language delays.

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I Want To Be Like Poppin' Joe

Dylan has an awesome friend.  His friend, Poppin’ Joe pops and sells popcorn.  Poppin’  Joe has a very fun job. It’s noisy fun! Dylan learns from Poppin’ Joe how to do a  job you love.

Dylan and Joe have Down Syndrome.


OE Wants It To Be Friday

Kaitlyn Wants To See Ducks
Kaitlyn loves ducks.  Her family loves all the animals. Seeing those apes and lions and elephants and goats and giraffes and bears, just isn’t what Kaitlyn wants to do. What's a girl to do, when it's family day at the zoo?  

Kaitlyn has Down Syndrome.


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Marco and I Want To Play Ball
Isiah and Marco share their love of baseball. Who’s going to  hit the ball farther? Who’s going to hit the ball higher? Whose ball will hit the barn?  Cousins like to tease and play, when Grandpa is pitching.

Isiah has Spina Bifida.  


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