Matteo Wants To See What's Next 

Matteo and Cristian love to spend the day with their friend Rebecca. Today, Rebecca has a surprise for them. Matteo can't wait to see it! He's on the move as they explore their favorite museum.

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Claire Wants a Boxing Name

Claire knows that her mom and other women at the Toronto Girls Boxing Club have really cool boxing names. They have names like Slice n' Dice and Eraser.  Getting a boxing name is a big honor. Can Claire show her coach she's earned a special boxing name? 

Neema lives in the mountains of Lushoto, Tanzania. Her day is full of fun. She tricks Joseph. She helps Mama Eduma. She sings with the children. She is always looking for ways to learn.

Neema has learning disabilities.


 Finding My World Series

Our Finding My World Series promotes the respectful and intentional inclusion of children around the world with disabilities.

​​Neema Wants to Learn

In Tanzania, there is a little village where a girl named Onika lives. She loves to go to school with her friends. Onika, Teophani, Agnes and Elibeth each have activities they like to do at their school. What is Onika's favorite thing to do? How can Onika and her friends learn skills to help their village?

Onika has intellectual disabilities.

Matteo's friend Rebecca has cerebral palsy. 

​​Onika Wants To Help