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 I Don’t Know If I Want a Puppy

Parece que todos los niños quieren un perrito. ¡Pero no Ethan! Él es feliz jugando con sus autos. Sus hermanos mayores tienen una idea diferente. Ellos convencen a mamá y a papá de conseguir un perrito. Es bueno que Ethan esté ahí cuando descubren que su idea no funcionó de la forma que pensaban.

Yo no sé si quiero un perrito 

Our reason for sharing this story…

Ethan was born with a congenital heart defect that slowed his achievement of developmental milestones.  His speech and language delays meant he needed supports to fully participate in school and family activities. Ethan is growing up with older twin brothers who are assertive and confident so Ethan has to make extra effort for his voice to be heard.

We chose to write this story because Ethan is a strong self-advocate.  His family has learned to recognize his strengths and abilities as he demonstrated his own self-awareness and competence. Ethan demonstrates how a child can follow their interests, strengths and abilities to gain the skills needed to become a self-determined adult.

We celebrate their story by sharing it with you.


It seems like all boys want a puppy.  But not Ethan!  He’s happy playing with his cars.  His older brothers have a different idea. They talk Mom and Dad into getting them a puppy. It’s a good thing that Ethan is around when they discover their idea didn’t work out the  way they thought it would.

Finding My Way Books honor children with special needs or disabilities by sharing their stories.