Kaitlyn quiere ver patos

Our reason for sharing this story…

Kaitlyn has Down Syndrome. Kaitlyn has twin sisters close to her age so it is important for everyone in their family to have an equal chance to participate in the activities they enjoy. All three girls interests are respected and honored. Kaitlyn’s parents are able to support Kaitlyn’s strengths and abilities that enhance her participation in meaningful activities like going to the zoo.

We chose to write this story because Kaitlyn’s parents demonstrate how they are promoting skills to help Kaitlyn grow up to lead a self-determined life.

We are honored to share their story.       


Kaitlyn ama los patos. A su familia le encantan todos los animales. Pero ver monos, leones, elefantes, cabras, jirafas y osos, no es exactamente lo que Kaitlyn quiere hacer. ¿Qué debe hacer una niña durante un día familiar en el zoológico?

Kaitlyn Wants To See Ducks

Kaitlyn loves ducks.  Her family loves all the animals. Seeing those apes and lions and  elephants and goats and giraffes and bears, just isn’t what Kaitlyn wants to do.  What’s a  girl to do, when it’s family day at the zoo?

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