Colors On Our Papers

Rangi Za Makaratasi Yetu

Are colors the same all around the world? See what colors kindergarteners in Tanzania are choosing as they color their school papers. It’s fun to learn the name in English and Swahili.

Fronts For Our Backs

Pande Kwa Migongo Yetu

Our fronts and backs are different. Can you find the back that matches the front of an animal? It’s fun guessing! It’s also fun to learn animal names in English and Swahili.


Learning My Way Series

Our Learning My WaySeries promotes inclusive practice in education through books that are accessible for all children.

Looking For Our Families

Kuangalia Familia Zetu

All animals have families.  Monkey, hippo, elephant, buffalo and zebra families look very different. Do you think you can find their families? You can learn to name them in English and Swahili, too.