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Isiah y Marco comparten su amor por el béisbol. ¿Quién va a golpear la pelota más lejos? ¿Quién va a golpear la pelota más alto? ¿De quién será la pelota que golpee el granero? A estos primos les gusta bromear y jugar, cuando es el abuelo quien está lanzando.

Marco and I Want To Play Ball

Our reason for sharing this story…

Isiah was born with Spina Bifida.  This affected his motor development and resulted in a delay in his ability to walk independently.  Isiah has always loved sports.  Initially, his mother used this interest to motivate him to develop his motor skills. Now his mother honors this interest, that has become a passion, and advocates for Isiah to be able to fully participate inclusively in sports.

We chose to write this story because Isiah is part of an extended family that actively promotes his development of skills needed for self-determination. They have the expectation that he can follow his passion to play ball while they provide him with as many opportunities as possible

to do so.

We are proud to share their story with you.



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We are so excited to share this video of 'Marco and I Want To Play Ball' being read through sign language by Lizzie, a middle school student from the Tennessee School for the Deaf.  Jo met Lizzie and her classmates on a Skype In The Classroom visit earlier this fall. Their school counselor arranged the visit and translated a discussion about bullying lead by Jo.  In this book, Marco and Isiah show how you can tease without bullying, so this story helps prompt this type of discussion.

Una historia real que promueve la inclusión y la autodeterminación

In a true story of inclusion, Isiah and Marco share their love of baseball. Who’s going to  hit the ball farther? Who’s going to hit the ball higher? Whose ball will hit the barn?  Cousins like to tease and play, when Grandpa is pitching.​

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