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Matteo and Cristian love to spend the day with their friend Rebecca. Today, Rebecca has a surprise for them. Matteo can't wait to see it! He's on the move as they explore their favorite museum.

Finding My Way Books honor children with disabilities by sharing their stories. Matteo’s friend Rebecca has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

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We celebrate Matteo and Rebecca’s story!

Matteo is a fun, rambunctious, and enthusiastic first grader.  Rebecca is an important person in his life.  His mother and Rebecca have been close friends for many years. Rebecca is often included in their family activities.

Beginning in elementary school Rebecca’s education was in a classroom with her peers. As an adult she fully participates in life. She danced with Anna for 500,000 youths and Pope John Paul II on World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002. She gave a presentation on citizenship to the United Nations in 2005. She volunteers at the Royal Ontario Museum as a museum guide and at an elementary school where she listens to children read aloud.

Matteo and Rebecca’s families believe ‘supported decision making’ is critical to her success. We see supported decision making as a way for persons with disabilities to lead a self-determined life.

We are delighted to share their story,

Jo, Vera and Mary

Mattéo et Cristian aime bien passer du temps avec leur amie Rebecca. Aujourd’hui, Rebecca a une surprise pour eux. Mattéo a bien hâte de découvrir ce que c’est. C’est avec joie qu’il explore son musée préféré.

Matteo Wants To See What's Next

Mattéo et la surprise de Rebecca