Neema Wants to Learn

Neema Anataka Kujifunza

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Neema lives in the mountains of Lushoto, Tanzania. Her day is full of fun. She tricks Joseph. She helps Mama Eduma. She sings with the children. She is always looking for ways to learn.

Our Finding My World Series promotes the respectful and intentional inclusion of children around the world with disabilities. Neema has learning disabilities.


Neema anaishi katika milima ya Lushoto, Tanzania. Siku yake imejawa na furaha. Anamdanganya Joseph. Anamsaidia Mama Mdemu. Anaimba na watoto. Kila siku anatafuta njia za kujifunza.


The reason we wrote this story.....

Neema is an eleven-year old girl with learning disabilities. She is an orphan living at the Irente Children’s Home in Lushoto, Tanzania.  Neema has a sweet spirit and demonstrates her desire to participate as fully as possible in life at the children's home. She loves to learn and hopes to become a teacher one day.

Edna Mdemu, the director for the Children’s Irente Home, began her position after retiring from a career in nursing.  In Neema's story, we see her helping not just Neema, but all the children engage in learning together. Mama Mdemu is a very strong advocate for children with many different needs.

We chose to write this story because it demonstrates how a girl can seek self-determination through her desire to learn. Neema’s story also demonstrates how an adult, who is not a parent, can be a strong guide in helping children gain skills needed for self-determination.

We are honored to share her story.

Jo, Vera and Mary

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