​​​Our reason for sharing this story…

Both OE and Austin have cerebral palsy and use communication devices or sign language to communicate.  Despite this, they both are inspirational in their personal motivation to be fully active within their homes and communities. Austin Hanson is an incredible role model for OE.  We are very excited to share this story of how they communicate and enjoy each other.
OE was adopted from Russia when she was almost five years old.  She spent the first years of her life lying in a crib. OE’s parents are wonderful advocates for OE’s full participation in her daily activities throughout the week. They say that OE truly lights up the room when she smiles.

Through Austin's determination, along with

his father Gary’s (as coach and ramp assistant),

he has competed on the US Paralympic

Boccia Team since 1996. He has traveled to

competitions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China,

Colombia, England, Greece, Ireland, Mexico,

New Zealand, Poland, and Portugal. Austin

is currently ranked number one nationally,

with a world ranking of twelfth. He has been

competing internationally for 21 years; making

him the longest playing U.S. Boccia Athlete. 

We chose to write this story because

Austin demonstrates how powerful

self-determination could be and OE shows,

how skills needed for self-determination,

can begin at a young age.

We are honored to share their stories.



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OE Wants It To Be Friday

OE is counting down the days until Friday. It’s her favorite day of the week.  Each day she has fun, but she knows she will have fabulous fun on Friday. She can’t wait for her special time with Dad and her Boccia coach, Austin.

Finding My Way Books honor children with special needs or disabilities by sharing their stories.

OE está contando los días hasta el viernes. Es su día preferido de la semana. Ella se divierte cada día, pero sabe que el viernes es más divertido y fabuloso. Ella tiene muchas ganas de pasarla bien con papá y con su entrenador, Austin.

OE quiereque sea viernes

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