In Tanzania, there is a little village where a girl named Onika lives. She loves to go to school with her friends. Onika, Teophani, Agnes and Elibeth each have activities they like to do at their school.  What is Onika's favorite thing to do? How can Onika and her friends learn skills to help their village?

Our Finding My World Series promotes the respectful and intentional inclusion of children around the world with disabilities. Onika has intellectual disabilities.

Ndani ya Tanzania kuna kijiji kidogo ambapo msichana anayeitwa Onika anaishi. Yeye anapenda kwenda shuleni na rafiki zake. Onika, Teophani, Agnes na Elibeth wote wanashughuli wanazopenda kufanya shuleni. Ni kitu gani Onika anapenda kufanya? Ni jinsi gani Onika na rafiki zake wanaweza kujifunza ujuzi wa kusaidia kijiji chao?

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Onika Wants To Help

Onika Anataka Kusaidia   

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Our reason for sharing this story...

Onika is a teenager with intellectual disabilities. The construction of the Irente  Rainbow School allowed her to attend school and befriend children her age. This school changed her life!  Opened in 2005, its name stands as the symbol for safety, hope and the fullness of life.

In the 2015 publication created for the commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Irente Rain School, a Lushoto businessman, Mr. Elly Mntangi, states:

Before the opening of Rainbow, the society was totally ignorant about these children. Parents were hiding their disabled children in their homes. Now the community has been made aware of their presence. Children with cognitive challenges can still acquire skills that will help them to manage their own lives in a significant extent.”

Onika’s story represents the importance of inclusion of individuals with disabilities.  She is a delightful young woman with much to offer her community.

 We are honored to share her story.

 Jo, Vera and Mary

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