Reese Has a Halloween Secret

Reese loves having a secret.  It’s so much fun sharing clues with his friends. They have to wait until Halloween to discover his wonderful surprise. But it’s worth the wait!

Finding My Way Books honor children with special needs or disabilities by sharing their stories.

Reese tiene un secreto de Halloween

Una historia real que promueve la inclusión y la autodeterminación

Reese tiene un secreto increíble. Él se divierte mucho dándole pistas a sus amigos. Ellos tienen que esperar hasta Halloween para descubrir su maravillosa sorpresa. Pero la espera vale la pena!

Finding My Way Books hace honor a los niños con necesidades especiales o al compatir sus historias.


Our reason for sharing this story…

A cancerous tumor caused Reese’s spinal cord injury. He needs to use a walker or a wheelchair to get from place to place.  When Reese was three his father made him a Halloween costume that included his wheelchair.  This helped Reese feel included with his peers at his childcare center.

We chose to write this story because Reese and his family demonstrate how an activity such as creating a Halloween costume provides many opportunities for the development of skills needed for self-determination.  Reese’s dad respects and honors Reese’s interests, strengths and abilities throughout their process. Together they create something magical.

We are happy to share our wild ride with Reese and his family. 

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