Waylen quiere improvisar

Tocar el tambor es muy divertido. Waylen podría hacerlo todo el día. Pero aprender a tocar en una banda de percursionistas es diferente. ¿Cómo aprenderá Waylen a tocar el tambor con su banda? ¿Qué sucede cuando Waylen está improvisando con su tambor?

Playing the drum is so much fun. Waylen could do that all day long.  But learning to be in a drumline is different.  How will Waylen learn to drum with his line? What happens when Waylen is jamming?

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Waylen Wants to Jam

Our reason for sharing this story…

Waylen has autism. He is constantly challenged in how to communicate and participate, but he loves to drum. He always will tell his mom, “I want to go drumming.”  Waylen is fortunate to have an incredibly supportive mother and extended family, which allows him to participate in a community program. Because of Waylen’s strong interest and this support, he is successful on the drumline.

This success has started to change his life.  Drumming is an extracurricular activity that could link to many opportunities as he ages. He feels like he belongs when he is drumming.  Someday he will be drumming in his school band and maybe he will become a member of a world famous rhythm and blues band.

We are so happy to share the hope that is revealed in this story!



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